Sunday Stealings

I don’t feel like writing these days. Writer’s block. I am in reading mode which means I will spend all
my time reading books. Lots and lots of books! But then I came across this blog of Preeti Shenoy
where she had answered few weird questions from sunday stealing which is when I realized I almost
forgot them! I love to answer questions from sunday stealings and so here are few questions I picked
and answered. Strictly, for people who wants to know about me. So don’t tell me that you wasted
your “precious” time reading this on comments or fb or wherever!

1.       What’s something you hate about yourself?
I do not have patience, absolutely nil which I hate about myself. I am actually very short tempered but when it comes to my loved ones I control my temper so much that they take me for granted a lot, because they have never seen me angry! That is something I hate about myself. I should really learn to show my anger to the people I love so they will learn to respect me and what I feel!
2. How do you deal with criticism? 
depends on the person who criticizes!
3. What’s something sweet you’d like someone to do for you?
Give me a teddy bear hug when I am upset with you. Yes, that’s the sweetest thing I want someone to do for me.
4. What’s the most infuriating thing your parents (or caregiver) do?
Sometimes, they don’t believe what I decide is right for me. It definitely infuriates me to explain them so much and convince them. It takes months sometimes!
5. Do you have any “rules” about food? 
I have only one rule about food and that is how much ever I eat, I shouldn’t grow fat! 😛
6. What’s your opinion on age differences in relationships? 
Well, I think it decides the type of relationship you are going to share. In my opinion and from what I have observed, if a person is too elder than you are, there will be a generation gap and if a person is younger to you immaturity plays in the relationship. Whatever it is, I think if you choose the right person and feel right about them you are going to be happy nothing matters! J

7. What’s something you want to do that you’d be embarrassed to tell other people about? 
Why would I tell that here? O.o

8. Which do you prefer in the am: Coffee or tea? Water and badam actually these are things I look for as soon as I brush my teeth 😛
9. Work has been cancelled on the spur of the moment: Clean house and do errands, Or just fun things?
Sit idle watch TV, books.
10. Middle of the hot summer, vacation at: definitely, Ladakh.
11. You have to travel at a leisure speed you will prefer: a car with soft music and me singing loud with it 😀
12. To relax: a book
13. What kind of pets? I hate pets.
14. Dream home: Hard wood floors
15. First date: a hike 🙂 I don’t want to go for dinner, dance, blah..blah.. yaawwn.. instead go for a hike have fun! It is really fun! 😀

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