A struggle to win

While the caring souls wish me happiness
The loving ones listen to my fears
The emptiness in my heart continues to prevail
The void in my mind sets in as everybody leave
A silent tear and a mindful thought to end this agony
Insanity creeps in as fast as it could
driving away the logics of life
Yet I struggle to keep it simple and fight back my tears
I put up a fight with myself to live on
I put up a brave face to smile at my fears
For I live only once and I don’t want it to be pained!
And It will always be, if it is meant to be


9 thoughts on “A struggle to win

  1. This too shall pass and you'll live to narrate the experience. You'll cry when the memories flood but you'll be glad that it passed away.

    Poignant piece, this was. Thanks for keeping it short.

    Joy always,


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