Facebook ate my life!

Over the past one year my life had changed drastically. I am a totally different person now. A year back if you ask how many times I log into facebook in a week, I would say once in 2 weeks or so. I had a life. I went out and met friends, spent a good time with them talking nonsense, yes absolute nonsense. When I am at home I would be busy pulling my mom’s leg with my dad and having so much fun watching TV together. I had read almost 2 books in a week which is huge to me given the fact I work in second shifts. But last year, I got introduced to being on chats for a long time, only then this misery happened. I got totally addicted to the internet. I would be on facebook for a long time just scrolling up and down reading nothing or anything. Thankfully I find stalking people stupid so I don’t do that. But I will keep refreshing the page and will be waiting for a new post to appear. What added up to this was whatsapp and my new smart phone. These phones are smart enough to suck the life out of you. You stay glued to the phone for nothing. I mean nobody would be chatting with you, you would still keep checking the last seen time of a person on whatsapp or again log into facebook through mobile phone and check for updates every 2 minutes. Now this is heights of joblessness or addiction!
 In a way I am really jealous of the celebrities because they have a life, seriously they keep themselves so busy that they don’t have much time for all this (Although there is a lot posting nonsense on twitter all the time) but apart from that they have a very busy schedule, so yesterday I decided that I will deactivate my account for few days and live without that social networking site. It was the right time for me because I fought with my best friend and he is totally irritated with me so I thought this is the right time and let me pull a stunt. I posted a status that I am going to deactivate my account and that I will be back in few days. I did not log in for the rest of the day. This morning I woke and had a message from one of my friends, “You idiot, If you deactivate your account the facebook page of your blogs will also be unpublished” I immediately activated my account because I cannot stop writing for any reason. It gave a meaning to my life. I write all the time and I publish all the crap I write. It helped me get friends including the one who is enormously irritated with me now. It helped me find a grip to live my life and it helped me get out of my depressing life. So I activated my account now and writing this blogpost. From today, I decided that I will indulge myself in a lot of writing and books. I am planning to sell off my smart phone or at least not use it for sometime. It has only made my life more complicated than easy.
I am going to get a life for myself, out of facebook and whatsapp. Most importantly out of my smart phone. I am going to start quilling again and all the things I left a year back.

11 thoughts on “Facebook ate my life!

  1. Oh my GOD! you wouldnt believe it, I wrote a rant about Fb ruining my life just yesterday!! Some telepathy huh Gayathri! 😀 I was so happy to see this. And hi fi for the resolution to get a life. I hope we both succeed 🙂 And writing and books, thats a great mantra!!


  2. Haha I actually read your blog after posting this one and I was like WHATT!! 😀 Maybe we are suffering from the same disease! 😀 Yea good luck with it! We will definitely succeed! :)Oh yea, books and writing can we have better things in life? No way!!


  3. If you do it because you are bored of it, it may stick, but if you are doing it for the sake of someone (or to get back at someone), it will never stick 🙂 .. It is like people giving up cigarettes or non-veg to impress someone and they indulge when they are frustrated with the other person!!
    I read parts of another post, where you sounded a little sad (I don't remember which one) and once again concluded that you are an extrovert Gayathri. Addiction to FB is your substitute for meeting people in person. Don't deny your identity to yourself (I am on my advice-aunt mode again!). Why should you stop doing something you like just because you are angry with another person? Who benefits from it?


  4. Facebook ruined my life too!! Oh my God! It is sweet drug! I too activated back my facebook just for the sake of pages. Wish there's a way to admin facebook page without activating account


  5. FB is really killer for evrybody life..Sometimes I feel tht I wnt my life to be revived the classical era of 90's where FB was not yet born and the samrtphones which are simple. We are ruining our life with no reason and sense. I hope your resolution goes true and fulfilled an gud tht u started the resolution before the earth day…(22/04/2013)..:) 🙂
    Well written thoughts….


  6. Ha ha.. What a coincidence! Seriously.. Here is my story

    1. I am / was a facebook & Whatsapp addict
    2. I did have a sort of fight with my close friend
    3. I did dramatically quit them and his contact 🙂
    4. Then I wondered how I would share my post in social network, (then decided readers would be here, if they want to)
    5. My close friend who irritated the crap out of me, came home (yeah in real life, not virtual visit) and we did dine out 🙂
    6. Still not going to activate Whatsapp and FB.


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