Marriage and Child birth Analysis

I know I am ranting the nth time about marriages and horoscope matching but I don’t care really. I keep seeing worst everyday in the name of horoscope matching and really it gets onto my nerves. Every weekend, my mom and I go through the profiles in the matrimonial websites. It kind of became a ritual when I turned 24 we go through the profiles trying to find me a match. Later, after a point of time we do it mostly because we have a hearty laugh and it becomes THE fun time for both of us. Sometimes we pick a quarrel over a guy, he might seem good looking to my mom but I wouldn’t even consider going for a coffee with him let alone share my life with him. She is very cooperative, sometimes I don’t even let her go through the complete profile I close the window half the way through or the moment I see the guy’s photo. She patiently tells me the next number to search. But most of the times the credit for keeping patience goes to me. For people who know me well know what I am talking about. I don’t know what patience is. I can be awarded for goofing up relationships just because of the lack of patience.
So this weekend the ritual continued we started going through the mails and came the most stupid e-mail. At first, I started laughing and then my mom said, ‘stop faking a laugh it is nonsense! I know you are raged. Reply what’s in your mind.’
The e-mail started with the usual pleasantries and then the boy’s father said that the horoscope of mine and his son matched very well. He had listed a lot of items that spoke about some dosha matching and stuff. Then came this one that irked me I almost jumped off my chair and started laughing mostly out of anger. Child birth Analysis – Good! Seriously! You did not even see the girl and you want to find if I am capable of producing the baby for your son! How stupid (I am not using the exact word I want to use here out of respect I have for my blog!) It was insane. I was outraged. First of all, when it comes to marriage I think horoscope match is utter nonsense. No! wait even before I think of horoscope arranged marriage is some kind of joke and you are analyzing the child birth between two strangers ok now that is insanity!
Maybe there is a generation gap and there is a difference in the way people think. Maybe I am totally abnormal but this is not acceptable at all! Parents! Grow up stop making a child birth analysis through the horoscope of a girl get your sons tested and then the girl who accepts to marry your son if you are so concerned about making babies!
Anyway, I replied them saying, ‘Thank you for your interested. Although the child birth analysis is good I am not interested in making babies with your son.’
Incase you are shocked by the reply and cannot believe I actually replied that, Yes I did! Again those who know me well know that I would have replied that! 

10 thoughts on “Marriage and Child birth Analysis

  1. Nowadays many couples don't get babies. I have exeperienced some problem or the other in 70 to 80 % of my friends. Whatever may be the reason for it, nowadays people are aware that such cases are frequent. So Now they have started doing this nonsense analysis. Trust me from horoscope you can just know the nature of the person bu cannot predict the future . So leave aside all match making and just see horoscopes for knowing a person better not future. And leave aside those stupid people who are after these type of analysis.

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  2. People having children late in life or problems conceiving are more to do with lifestyle changes, food and diet changes and hormonal changes due to intake of meds and such. Horoscopes and especially the child matching that you're talking about angers me. Instead, I would still have understood if the adults who need to get married(BOTH) are expected to be tested for something like HIV. Makes perfect sense. But finding out whether the girl is capable of producing babies is insane. Fitting reply I would say except such people are more common than we think and we'd only go crazy responding to such people, their mentalities won't change. Good luck dear, and hang in there!


  3. Its a thought provoking point that you have made Gayatri. This is the most unfortunate aspect in our Society. We search many shops for fruits, vegetables or clothes. However, for the most important choice in our life, we depend upon some calculations rather than checking the various aspects that are necessary for a good relationship. I have mentioned the analysis in my book “A Guide to Spouse Selection”.

    Hope and pray that you get the best mate. Take the right steps and make the right choice. All the best.


  4. If you believe in something, then you have to believe it all the way. Personally, I don't believe in any organised religion or horoscope.

    I wonder how many would stick to the stand they take on reading this when the time comes.


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