Maybe this is love to me…

I waited by the park for you to come
Admiring the greenery and fountain
Far at a distance I saw you coming
Your face full of glee and a lovely smile
You came closer and gave me a hug
Neither did the words stumble
Nor did my heart skip a beat
You don’t make me nervous
Maybe that’s what I like about you
And the moment you held my hand
I knew I want to hold it forever
And walk with you through thick and thin
Being there for each other, lending shoulders
I am not attracted to you, I am not infatuated
I don’t want to stick along with you forever
I don’t want to hear I love you all the time
A word that you are fine makes my day
A glimpse of that blissful smile by end of the day
we understood the meaning of trust,
And we set each other free
I know no matter what happens you will be there for me
That’s the kind of promise I needed all my life
Maybe this is love for me or this is how I want it to be!
Dedicated to all the lovers who see each other, who do not, who are together, who are apart due to silly fights or whatever.. Dedicated to love and those who are in love.. 🙂

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