You are not coming back..

The memories burn my happiness and the places we went haunt my life forever.  The sleepless nights and the endless craving my vision remains blurry, tears dried on my cheeks and mind so weak. I miss the tight hugs and the warm pecks, the stealthy looks and the flying kisses. I live in darkness so I don’t realize you are not around. Never knew that hopes would be so painful. I hate my heart that keeps developing a bleak hope and belief that you will be back to light up my world again. I run from a future without you only to get tired and understand that I have to cope without you because you are never coming back and you are in a place that is more peaceful and warm! 

I just started writing this I don’t know why and its incomplete I couldn’t continue it further either so here I am posting it! Feel free to curse me! Happy weekend hehe.. 😀

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