I would let you go but..

You are near me yet far,
We talk everyday yet not
When you are just within my reach
Why do I feel so distant from you?
Is this the road to the end?
Or is it just a turn?
Why are relationships so complicated?
Why can’t I find solace in one?
Is it the mountain of expectations?
Or the ocean of love that makes us grow apart?
Why does talking to you seem like an effort?
Why is there a constant waiting for acceptance?
We did not sign up for this, we did not decide to leave
We decided to stay and fight but where are you going now?
Is there a fault on my side or is this how it is destined to be?
Why am I not happy with the things going on between us?
Why do I feel dissatisfied at the end of the day?
We should find a pitstop, we should find a break
Stop by the side of the road and talk things out I say
Ignoring it is all you could do till now
But here I am demanding you to stop
So we could fix things once and for all
Or I would set myself free in the process of letting you go
For that is the only solution I see to keep me happy
So stop by for sometime and listen to me
I have a millions of things to say,
And tons of reasons why I say you have changed!
Let’s stop by and talk for I don’t want it to end this way.

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