Everytime you promise that you will not leave me
I fail to express how that makes me feel
My heart deny to accept that it is real
The promises and the unconditional love
You still come back after a fight
This is so new and abnormal to me,
And I go aphonic in happiness and joy
Because they have only promised but never stayed
And when I am afraid of losing you
I run those words again and again
My eyes full of tears I hope to God
That you should stay with me forever
For now it’s too late to go back to where I was
If you leave me you will take my world with you
The path I travelled with you vanishes forever
Leaving a vacuum behind, that can never be filled
I want to clench your hand so tight
That nobody can take you away from me
You made me smile again and I am always grateful to you
Thank you for always being there for me
Thank God for sending you to me
Thanks to me for finally letting someone invade my world
I don’t regret that a second and I know I never will… 

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