I Believe!

I believe, I believe, I believe
I believe in a lot of things
I believe that my happiness lies within me
I believe that love will happen to me again
I believe that sometimes letting go is the best decision I can make
I believe the person who loves me will never leave me
I believe that the person who hurts me doesn’t deserve to be in my life
I believe that when a person decides to leave me I cannot stop them
I believe that nobody gets to take control of my life
I believe that the one who judges me has nothing better to do in their life
I believe that I should not worry about what others think about me
Because, trust me! Nobody really cares!
I believe that obsessing about something is not going to get me anywhere
I believe that my heart speaks and I always know what I should do, I am just weak to accept reality
I believe that people stay if they want to, no matter how far they are from you
I believe that patience and perseverance can help you conquer the world
I believe that if the series of incidents that happen in my life are destined to happen they will
I believe that everything happens for a reason and the reason is good
I believe that when things are not in my control, staying calm is the best thing to do
I believe that worrying doesn’t change anything
I believe that doing things when you want to do is better than regretting in future
I believe that carrying that baggage and thinking about the past is worthless
I believe following my heart can take me where I want to be
I believe when I work hard on what I want I will have it
I believe letting go off that ego and apologizing can save a relationship
I believe crying when I want to cry, asking for a hug and telling how I feel can straighten a lot of things

I believe instead of having a huge circle of strangers who know me but doesn’t really know me,
Having one close friend who can put up with my imperfections and accept me for me is enough
I believe saying I love you every now and then and using those mushy words keeps love alive
I believe wearing that beautiful smile on your face cheers everybody who sees you
I believe keeping that kid in us alive can keep us young and lively forever
I believe nothing is impossible when I think I can
I believe it’s OK to get hurt, to be insulted, betrayed and torn apart
It happens with everybody at different stage of their lives
When they lived through it and lived better I can too!
I never fail to believe because I know and I believe
That life will get better and time heals everything
I believe that the good things are yet to come
I believe these little beliefs of mine makes my world a better place to live in!

9 thoughts on “I Believe!

  1. I thinks we humans are always made to think of us “I”. and many a time we try to resolve and revolve around our own unsolved issues but again in that pampering us from within and boosting our thoughts like u did, makes one grow more and think better.

    nice apt writing.. keep writing.


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