Life Is Short

We always think of things that are over, things that we missed in life, things we could have done which would have made our life better, we think I should have not told that, Maybe I should have told him how much I love him or how much he means to me, probably if I had told her that she hurt me that day she wouldn’t have done that. And then we have troubles sharing our problems with our closest friends, guys have the worry of losing their self-respect and manliness if they cry, we cling on to the ego, don’t ask, don’t tell, don’t apologize and look at the person who means the world to us walk out of our life. We give excuses to ourselves saying time is a good healer. Days, months and years go by and you still miss that person somewhere deep inside your heart, you feel the emptiness that can never be filled with anybody. You find another person and try to replace you expect this person to fill that gap but let me tell you it’s not going to happen. That empty space belongs to the person who left and when you try to fit in another you end up messing the present as well.
Throughout our life we are always afraid, afraid of losing someone, afraid of getting hurt, afraid to love. But life is too short to carry those regrets it burdens you forever. Think before you talk. Tell your friends, family members and that someone special how much you love them and how much they make this world a better place for you, smile a lot, cry if you want to, pull that person you love and say that you do definitely love them! Apologize, there is nothing like you are wrong or he is wrong or they are wrong end of everything it drills down to one point you need them more than anything else in this world. The person who said anger is one short word of danger is a genius! Don’t get angry, hmmm well! now that’s tough I know! but even if you do, do not react! when the person decides to leave you, let go! Think of the times you smiled memories are beautiful, feel bad, stale for sometime but do not hold on to the past,  move on. Give love, lots and lots of it just because a person left you doesn’t mean that everybody will!
Tomorrow is going to be a better day! It is going to be beautiful and a world full of surprises is waiting for you. Go ahead, move forward! Cheers! J

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