The happiness remote.

Throughout our life we are always dependent on someone. By saying dependent I mean emotionally dependent or if you are not that kind of person, well you are awesome! I mean you really are because you are safe and you know to deal things on your own. But there are few of us who tend to rely on others like a friend or lover or a family member emotionally. No matter what happened we need to talk to them at least once in a day. If not, your day is doomed. You start feeling sad, sick like you are missing something really big in a day. You start obsessing about this that you were not able to talk to or meet this person and there you go! You have a reason to remain sad. Don’t worry! You are not the only. But what you fail to realize is by doing so you are binding your world within this person. Your vision has narrowed down to see only this person. You also fail to realize that they have a world for themselves and they need some space to breathe J

Not only are you emotionally attached to this person but you have handed over your happiness remote to them. These people have the power to control your happiness. They don’t talk to you, you become sad. They don’t smile at you, your day stops. You don’t see them, your world falls apart! If you really think a little you will understand that you have not only built your world around this person he/she has become responsible for your happiness. You forget the fact that you have a life apart from this particular person and you can actually be happy without talking to them.
I am not sure how many of you would accept this, but the ones who are nodding your head now. Take back that remote, hide it somewhere and forget about it! Always remember you are responsible for your happiness and it cannot be controlled by an external force. You can take care of yourself and you can be happy no matter whom you have met/smiled/talked to today! Life is too short to wait for that one call or things to happen. Stay happy with everything that is happening to you for the day. Be contended with the people you have met today. Call a long lost friend and surprise them. Stop stalling and don’t be sad because that one person has not bothered about you. J

You don’t need a reason to happy. You can be happy just for the sake of being happy! J

And don’t forget to take back the remote! Have a bashing weekend!

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