The Ignored love.

When I told her that her daughter and son-in-law were in town she gave a casual smile. But I know what she was undergoing! She felt ignored. She tried to fight her tears. The subtle smile had left her wrinkled face inspite of her lame attempts to retain it. The daughter with whom she had lived for almost 15 years failed to let her know that she was in town to visit her in-laws.  Hours later I peeped into her room to check if she was OK and saw her looking at the picture of her grandson she wiped the dust on the glass and sighed.
 I was in the kitchen preparing breakfast. She hesitantly entered the room. I smiled at her and handed her a cup of coffee. I wanted to ask her if everything was OK, but the question seemed so meaningless when I already know that nothing was! Her hesitant face worried me though. Her eyes were red and still had tears at the brim. After moments of awkward silence, ‘I want to meet them’ she said slowly and hesitantly. I was surprised.
‘Why?’ I asked immediately.
‘My daughter has very a busy schedule and it is not easy for her to remember things. I am fine if she doesn’t call me about her visit. I am still her mother and I will go visit her, because I love her.’ She smiled.
I did not want to speak a word after that. I hugged her and was able to feel her tears on my shoulders.
This is the type of treatment given to almost every old mother in this country. You forget the unconditional love of hers. You ignore her, you put her in an old age home just because she is getting older everyday and it is getting difficult for you to take care of her. For a minute, think what if she had thought the same when you were a kid! Ignored your lame questions and yelled at you when you kept asking about the same thing on and on.
Stop ignoring your parents; treat them well for they were the ones who brought you to this world. You can be busy with your life but remember If not for them you are not here!

10 thoughts on “The Ignored love.

  1. Ooh girl, been a while since I visited your post. As always, bulls-eye. Its so sad to see what the aged of our country go through. I have known someone myself who stayed in an old-age home – she was pretty adamant and inflexible herself about every single thing – but at the end of the day, she stayed and passed away – alone. I wish there was a way that both generations can adjust to, mutual compromise is the key.


  2. Damn! how can somebody treat their mother like this ,such a useless weight on earth that girl must be who dont even bother to meet her mother – such ppl don't deserve to be even called as human being.
    P.S – Nice read ,loved your way of narration


  3. Hey Deepa! Good to see your comment on my blog! 🙂 I totally agree with you.! But we the younger generation can try to understand that they are old and cannot change themselves because we find them annoying too! Thank you for the comment 🙂


  4. Thank you Vinisha! Exactly but there are people like her a lot of them actually! You cannot imagine how cruel they are.. but what goes in comes around they will get older too! 🙂


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