A Love Story During the Time of War

TOPIC – A love story during the time of war. Write a set of two 55 fiction – one is a letter from the man, who is away fighting, to his beloved and the other is her reply

From him 
“Heart beat losing its pace, blood oozing and veins freezing all around. Your face, your smile flashing in front, every minute we spent together afresh in me, I stand with an oblong smile and courage to fight the enemies. Keep smiling. Always. Always. Love you.”

From her
Tired of pumping, still beating every minute just to hear that you are safe. Worried. Tensed. Terrified. Still smiling as its not just the heart but the womb that is filled with you. Your child grows inside me just like my hope to see you back. Love you.”

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6 thoughts on “A Love Story During the Time of War

  1. Hmmm one question…How did you know the child in the womb is a son or a daughter?

    Haaw did some one not tell you that child's sex detection is illegal? How can a soldier's wife do this heinous act? 😦


  2. He should have been sent home instead of fighting in a war.
    how could he concentrate and fight for his nation when he remembers his pregnant wife. His all attention would be towards his wife at home instead of fighting the enemies. And there at home, the poor woman links growth of her child with her hope of him coming back. What a pity…sad


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