You Taught me and I am grateful!

Very far, but near
Too close, but unreachable
The closer I go, the more it runs
Should I wait or move on?
Should I stay or leave?
The more I inquest, more the pain
Confused is my mind,
Hurt is my heart
Should I go back to it or give up?
How do I do the latter?
When your thoughts keep haunting me?
Why weren’t we destined to be together?
Why are you not mine?
The questions drive me mad
Yet I find solace in your thoughts
Looking at your picture still makes me smile
Thinking of those cute dimples when you smile
I get lost in a world of just you and me
How wonderful it is to be in your thoughts
Beautiful are the delusions
Peaceful it is to be here
And so I decide to be here
Waiting for you to come back
How deceiving are these hopes!
How stupid I am to understand
You are never going to come
For you have left long back
Selfish were your intentions
Dazed I was to find them
I woke up only to realize
I was trapped in my own delusions
This is not the way I should live
Reality struck when I found you didn’t care
There my mind found solace
And my heart became happier
The non-ending questioning stopped
The voice that spoke negativity ceased
Hopes and determination filled my mind
I learnt how to live a life without you
I have your thoughts and our memories
The thirst to live life ahead and happy
Barricades were broken and life smiled at me
Here I am moving ahead with me and my dreams
I invited the trespassers to be my friends
Oh they love me a lot only for what I am
They only gave and never expected
Enjoying the freedom, I live my dream
I don’t need you anymore
For I have learnt to be alone and also together
I can dance in the rain and not miss your hug
I can smile not to hide those tears but only smile
This is my life
how unlucky you are, for not being a part of it!
Yet I would thank you coz you taught me how to move on!

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