Happy Birthday dear one!

The first time I got an e- mail from this girl I was overwhelmed. She had flattered me enough to take enough criticism for another few days. I don’t remember her calling me by my name, she’s always called me writer and everytime she calls me so, I feel elated and yes it also reminds me of my passion. Yes, my life has become so hectic and busy these days that I had to remind myself of many things I used to do in the past especially writing. OK, I am not going rant about being extremely busy at work because of which I was not able to write. This blog is a special dedication to a friend who is close to my heart. It’s her birthday today and since I am not in her city to give a BIG surprise I decided to write a blog. And pardon me I am not in a real good mood to write a fantastic blog so I am scribbling whatever comes to my mind for the moment.

First of all I am a huge fan of her and yes before you lose all your patience, She’s Navya famously known as “kudus”. I love the way she writes, it is always straight from her heart and they are just awesome. I love her blogs. So later I came to know that she is a fan of mine too, mutual fans we are! In the first e-mail I sent her I started it with “Hi, Navya” to which came the response – Hi Writer, I don’t like to be called Navya so please call me Kudus that sounds more good and makes me feel closer to you.We had very few interactions but in those little conversations we had, I was totally attracted to her (Don’t doubt my sexual orientation now) I really liked her. When I planned to go to Bangalore this April, I had planned to meet few of my blogger friends and needless to say she was top on the list. I sent her an e-mail if we can catch up while I am there, she accepted immediately and seemed excited about meeting me.
And then came the D’day when I saw this cute little lady (yes, I can say little because she really is!) you will not agree more if you see her and she has such a cute smile! I cannot stop admiring her smile from the time I saw her. A very quietly naughty girl she is! She can be a brat if she wants to, but she always chose to be silent and listened to me and my other friend blabbering nonsense (which we always do!) I also heard from our common friends that she never talks to them when she is with them but guys she does talk a lot with me so yaay! She is much comfortable with me is something I would want say you guys and yes I am bragging because I like her so very much! OK, enough of flattering now! I am getting to the point.

Hey Kudus,
You and Kerry  gave me a beautiful surprise on my birthday and I am really sorry that I am not there to celebrate your birthday. But we are definitely going to have a blast when I am in Bangalore the next time. We are not letting you go back to your PG before 10 you are spending the night with us partying and having fun. Be prepared no excuses!
Have a wonderful birthday and year ahead. May you have all happiness in the world. May God bless you with good health and prosperity. May you have the 2 crazy friends with you all the time to bug you and eat your head with our nonsense! 😛

Love you loads,
Keep smiling (I just love your smile!)
Finally, Happy Birthday! XOXOXO
Carts and carts of love and kisses!
I miss you a lot at times, will surely come to Bangalore very soon with your birthday gift and cake. 🙂

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