Window with a view.

I have a problem when I want to write something serious or for a contest I cannot. When I force myself to write I cannot! I ‘ve tried this many times and I have failed so badly that I give up and say myself forget it you don’t have to write when you don’t have to, this is your passion and not your job where you have to complete the tasks because you HAVE to. Now, I really want to write something, I don’t know why and I am sure few bloggers can understand what I am going through.
Last week, the weather in Chennai was super awesome it was cloudy and drizzling every now and then. I get hyper excited when it rains, I run around saying people that it is raining, although they can see that it is raining! I love the sound of the rain and I have it recorded in my mobile. So my office is in the 9th floor and I can see a beautiful lake from the window and the view is of course very beautiful. So I clicked a pic and here it is J

Professional photographers forgive me for posting such a lame pic but let me tell you, I love this view it is just stunning! J


8 thoughts on “Window with a view.

  1. Thank you Divya! You are very motivative, I mean you said that photo is nice! 🙂 OH yes! weather it's horrible like sitting inside an oven (Although I haven't literally sat inside one!) 😉 Thanks a lot for reading my post! 🙂


  2. nice click.. by the way, how such a nice click in chennai?!!! which place it is? Me too was in chennai 3 yrs back, for an yr.. never came across such a view or such lovely rain.. rather i encountered a terrible flood only.. 😦 anyways good click with your mobile camera. for that itself you deserve praise…


  3. Shareef.. you can find several such nice places in Chennai.. :)this one is in Velachery and thanks a lot for the praise!! *blush* blush* so you say I should try photography.. 😀 😛


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