How do I say, how much I miss you!

Everytime I come
You embrace me with your love
You show me that you care
Such pride I had for my own haven
You swept me off my feet
My perception changed
You fill my heart with happiness
I will always choose your lap to relax
The bond I share with you is special
You are more like my mother
Ah! I love you more than mine

You show a new face every single time
Astounded I am by your beauty
Such joy it is to visit you
You make my heart sing and jump in gay
How do I explain my love for you
You make me feel like being in heaven
Will you take me with you?
Always and forever,
Stunned I am by your lush and grace

Oh! my dear Bangalore
I want to be there with you
yes, I love my city
But don’t get your warmth here
You have lured me with your charm
I miss you a lot
You have cast a spell upon me
difficult it is for me to extricate
Words are not enough to tell you
that I am totally in love with you
And I miss you deeper than the ocean
wider than the sky
You would have heard this before
But boundless is my love
Unmeasurable is the prurience I have for you
I miss you! Take me with you.


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