Unconditional Love hmmm..!! :)

Today while coming to office with my colleague we somehow got to my favourite topic love and relationships. We started talking about unconditional love, she asked me, “What do you think unconditional love is?” After giving it a thought I said accepting the person for what he is. She smiled and asked, “Is that it?” I said, “Yes, I think so.” She smiled again. I love this woman she is awesome and I admire her a lot. I was very curious to know what she thinks unconditional love is and so I asked, “So Priya tell me what is unconditional love according to you?” She said, “Yes, it is accepting the person for what he is but that’s not all of it! That is just the beginning. You have to love him and only love HIM.” I said, “Doesn’t it mean the same?” to which she said, “You love him and you only love him. Don’t expect anything in return. Don’t expect him to pamper you. Don’t expect him to care for you or expect him to change because you don’t like something in him. But remember it is very difficult!”

Wow! I got it that’s pretty much it! You love them and only love them. You accept that person for everything without forcing your views into them and accept their family, friends, likes, dislikes without a frown. Isn’t that beautiful? But yes, it is very difficult. The heart of a human being always tend to live in a delusion we set our expectations on a person and when they don’t meet it we get upset. But do we ever think if the other person ever expected us to change for them? Do we ever think that we fell in love with that person for what they were? No! As the person starts caring for us we become greedy and we want more and more and more. The person gives you all he/she has we still ask for more but have we ever thought of what we give in return or what do they expect in return? No, they want same love and care that we showed them in the beginning but in the process of asking for more we forget to love them and become selfish.
Love becomes obsession and when obsession comes in happiness escapes through the back door.  We stay obsessed about everything. No calls or text for some time we start obsessing. We fail to recognize that the same person might have a world too they might need their space where there is just them and the ones with whom they enjoys spending time with. A world without you! Why not? They can have one and it has to be respected. When you love that person without expecting anything from them you know they will call back no matter how long it takes they will! you don’t obsess but understand. You don’t pick an argument instead smile and ask how much they enjoyed being with their friends. We never do these and it is not our mistake too we are just a slave of our emotions!
But how nice it would be to have the kind of love where there are no expectations but only giving, where there is no obsession but only understanding, when it is matured. How nice it would be when you say your partner, ‘Yes I understand!’ When it is not just you who has to give up! You trust him no matter what goes wrong you know they will not leave you. How nice it would be only to love and to be love. Doesn’t it sound great? Do you want to experience it? It can always start from you! J

Now don’t think how nice it would be if my partner was like this! 😉 Just love and only love! J

10 thoughts on “Unconditional Love hmmm..!! :)

  1. Well Written !! The reason why success rates in relationships are going down is “Expectations”. We have started expecting more, we must keep our expectations at the minimum and take it as a bonus when we receive something.
    The most important thing in Caring is to put yourself in your partner's shoes and think!


  2. Sometimes words play a large part..its not always right to called it expectation, sometimes demand is for better future of both the person in the relationship. Its not an expectation, its a trial for making the future better. In a relationship to be carry forward in a smooth way, future forseek is very necessary and some things said even in a rude way is for the future which they dream together. And such expectations are necessary in a relation and can be from either side.


  3. Only when there are expectations you start demanding. 🙂 You know what they are and what they want to do in future the moment you start sharing your life with them. In that case, why do you expect things from them and pull you their way? and when you are going to lose the person in the process of bettering your future it is not necessary! 🙂 I beg to differ from you but accepting a person for what he/she is, is love. Having expectations only makes the relationship fall apart and finally you take separate roads only with your expectations and not the person you love! 🙂 Expectation is a bitter enemy when it starts hurting you partners thoughts and point of view. Think about it. 🙂


  4. Beautifully written!!..

    Expectation is one word that could have a serious impact on a relationship. It's human nature to have an expectation, not only from their partner but from everything they are involve with. But then expectations never get fulfilled.

    It's sounds exceptional when you say- “Just Love and only Love.” But, how often does it happen?

    But your thoughts are beautiful and if anyone could apply them to their relationships, life would be much easier..
    You did an exceptional job here Gayathri 🙂 🙂


  5. Yes! Expectation ruins your life..but to expect is human nature! 😦 what to do! Yes Just love and only love so beautiful it was when I heard and I always try to implement that! 🙂 Thank you so much prasoon! 🙂 I liked your comment it has come directly from your heart.. like dil khulke version.. 🙂


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