Stop this RIGHT NOW!

You! Yes, you! Just stop posting stupid comments on my blog. For the past few days I have been having extremely stupid and irrelevant comments on my blogs and I keep deleting them. I know this is done by just one person and I am not sure if the commenter sees that I delete the comment everytime he/she posts it but they keep doing it.Ā 

Just so you know, this is a piece of my passion and I detest these pranks here. If you can appreciate my work do it, negative feedbacks and criticisms are welcome but I don’t want stupid and irrelevant comments and yes I intend to be rude as I cannot take this BS anymore or if you find enormous delight in doing these morbid things go ahead and post such comments but don’t post in the name of anonymous. Be daring and use YOUR name! Stop annoying people.

4 thoughts on “Stop this RIGHT NOW!

  1. Why don't you enable IP address authentication/moderation ? Even you deleted one of my comments ( :king: ) for one blog. I thought you would recognize :king: but you didn't :(.


  2. Yes Manje I am going to do that. Thank you for the suggestion. šŸ™‚ And I deleted your comment because it just said King or something. I don't expect to receive such comments on my blog. I am sorry, but I don't want to develop a chat here.. The channelW bloggers page was created only for that.


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