A treasured friendship!

You were a stranger
I tried hard to stay away
The more I went away
The more closer you came
Weird were the things I heard
Hard it was to believe
Hating to judge, hesitant to accept
My mind rambled in confusion
Go for it, you won’t go wrong
difficult to deny I listened to my heart
I decided to let you in
averted I was to having closed ones
slowly and stealthily
you walked in
wise was my decision
enthralling was your care
overwhelming was the unconditional love
Fear of losing gripped me
I don’t find a way out
It has clenched me harder now
Lovely is our friendship
Precious you are to me
How would I face the day
when we would depart our ways
bidding our final goodbyes
I will be drowning in my own tears
regretting the day I let you in
I want to stay away from you,
I am not strong enough to see you walk away
Funny it might sound,
But I want to go far away from you
And never look back,
negate our memories, revoke our friendship
take me to the day when I didn’t know you
allow me to go back to the moment
when I didn’t know you existed
Oh! Come on, don’t go
What will I do without you!
I love you for all you are
You are one of the best things that happened to me
and I won’t let you go,
I will treasure this friendship for a lifetime
No matter how much we grow apart
I can’t bear the pain,
Yet You will remain in my heart forever
But please don’t leave me alone!
For I will be lost in this big world
Searching for you, searching for us!

4 thoughts on “A treasured friendship!

  1. Friendship, especially between a man and a woman can be easily misunderstood. Nevertheless, it is better to have a friend and not stop having friendship just because he/she is of the opposite sex.


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