Not Afraid Anymore.

So sinned I was, looking for salvation

So dark I thought, looking for a ray of light
Too confused I was, looking for solution
Very sad I was, looking for happiness
Extremely frustrated I was, to appreciate what I had
Missing the ones I lost forever,
Sulking for what I did not have,
Afraid of love and terrified to lose,
I lived in a cocoon, alone and sad
Not too late it was when I realized
I had to open my eyes to see light,
Waited the happiness for me to clench,               
And soon I realized,
The ones I missed are never worth it,
And the ones I craved for didn’t care,
But the ones who loved me never left,
No matter how sinned and imperfect I was,
They stayed and loved me more and more,
All they wanted was my love and care,

I am not afraid to love anymore
I am not confused about my life anymore
For only way to love is to love completely
And when you are being loved in return
You will never be left alone
Coz they have the same fear of losing you
which makes the bond tighter and secured
For years and decades to come
The love would remain intact!
And happiness will never leave you
Oh! It never left you in first place!

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