My New Friend

Exhausted and tired,
I looked at the sun
Smiling a wicked smile,
Ruthless and adamant
It shined so bright
Engulfing all my energy
murky and thirsty
I craved for water
Here and there
I looked for shops
To buy my ecstasy
Running across the road
I found salvation under a tree
Opening a bottle of water
I Unfolded the umbrella
While waiting for the bus
I had a partner under my umbrella
Hesitant and Frightened
Happy and easy after I smiled
Slowly and stealthily
He moved closer and closer
I shared my umbrella and the water
He wagged his tail in gratitude
I made a loyal friend
So sweet and lovely
So decent and caring
Everyday he waited to see me
To share my umbrella and love

12 thoughts on “My New Friend

  1. Aww :”> Dogggyyy 😀 :*
    I love Dogs <3 :D.
    My mom hates that I have befriended every single dog in our locality :/ :P.
    But they are chooo cuteee 😀 :* <3.

    BTW nice poem 😀
    Lovely 😉 😀


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