The Emptiness

So happy, so exhilarated,
Still the emptiness prevails,
So bright and shining,
Yet the darkness continues,
I laugh, I make fun,
Yet my heart cries,
I talk, I listen,
Yet I crave to share,
I have friends,
Yet I am alone,
I have a clear mind,
Yet confused,
So lifeless and dead within,
Yet joyful and lively I am
This is me and my life
Hope is my only hope
I long, I covet, I wait
Only to realize the truth
Life changes as time goes
People come and go
But the emptiness prevails
The scar remains
And I will miss you forever!


22 thoughts on “The Emptiness

  1. Yea Saru! Sometimes we cannot figure out what happens to us or what we are going through… Thanks a lot! A lovely poet appreciating my poem is something BIG to me! 🙂


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