Another Thankful Moment!

Today was one of the moments that made my heart sink. I had just joined my new company it is my second day and I had not got my ID card yet. I was waiting at the security room to get my temporary card so I can enter the premises. I noticed a guy who was keenly paying attention to the details I provided the guard who was entering it into my temp card. As soon as I got out of the security room I saw this guy following me and after a point of time he came closer to me. I found it weird and stopped to ask what he wanted. He said he had come to an interview at Amazon and 4 days back he had come to my company to submit the resume. I asked if he had troubles finding where Amazon was located he said he wanted to talk to me, the guy looked very miserable and upset. I was getting late for my induction and so I suggested we walk to my block and he can get down at Amazon which was in my block too. He agreed and we walked to my block. He said that he has been searching for a job for nearly 8 months now but nothing had come his way, the guy was begging me to take his resume and refer me to my HR department. He showed me all the documents from college and his resume. He is an engineering graduate. I felt really bad for this guy so I gave him my e-mail ID and asked him to forward his resume to me. That one reply from me made the guy so contented, contended to an extent like he already got the job. I saw the paper where he had made note of my e-mail ID he had almost 10 e-mail IDs from various companies from our IT park.
I cannot stop but feel extremely bad for this guy. It was my second day in a new job and that guy is still look for a job, which is OK but imagine he is been begging everybody he saw to refer him, all unknown random people! How thankful we are to lead a decent and blissful life! Let’s think about it.

8 thoughts on “Another Thankful Moment!

  1. Really! The things that we take for granted. Its nice that every once in a while life shows us such scenes where we appreciate what we have. It keeps us grounded. Like the quote goes: One should stop to smell the roses.


  2. Oh my! Poor guy.
    Even though he has done Engineering he is finding it difficult to get a job.
    I am really thankful for what I have right now.
    And I hope that guy also will find help.

    HELP HIM DI πŸ™‚ :D.

    And I don't agree with Santhosh jhi's comment.
    Yes, nobody is predictable, but just because of that you can't stop trusting people.
    I think you should try what you can.

    Cause, if we ever get in such a situation(I HOPE NOT) then we would want someone to help us right? If no one trusts us then what?
    I think the guy needs a chance.


  3. I am sure I wont see him again… πŸ™‚ You should not trust someone immediately at the same time you should be able to predict who's good and bad.. I trusted this guy because I felt he was geniune… πŸ™‚


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