And Then Came Along Them!

I was a loner, I didn’t have friends all I had was an imaginary group of friends with whom I talk and share, it used to be the walls of my room. When I was too small I never thought I would have such a huge group of friends. In a way, I loved my loneliness it helped me discover myself. During the summer vacations when my parents had gone to work I would sit and play on my own I never visited my cousins or relatives. I used to watch lot of movies, visit our local library, I befriended books. I was much of an introvert and I find it hard myself to believe now. I used to be shy to talk to people, ask me as many questions as you want and all I would do is to smile. And then came a friend, a friend who brought me out of my shell, a friend no matter how bad I looked called me gorgeous, a friend no matter how much I sucked at dance and karate said, “I know gayu, you are the best!” A friend who cried when I suffered and smiled when I won. She took me into her world and made me open up. I used to spend all my time with her. I started sharing things with her and slowly she helped me discover myself and then I started to socialize. The first time I spoke to other people in my class they were surprised. I still remember the day when my whole gang went silent when I responded to another friend who mocked my smile, but the silence did not last long they started laughing and they slowly started liking me. Then came more strangers we shared comics and books, music Cds and exchanged few dance steps. We formed a gang of 4 girls and all we did everyday was to gossip. Gossip about guys, school affair, teachers and sometimes our crushes. We laughed at nothing and all we know was to laugh, giggle, smile, get punished and stand out for a period. The routine changed I was not at home in the evenings I used to be roaming around my locality in my cycle with my friends or there would be a sleepover at some friends house. I enjoyed my school life only because I had this beautiful friend with me always, all the time.

She made me realize the importance of friendship, the importance of having a total stranger in your life. The amount of happiness they can bring with them into your life is amazing. First in school it was a gang of 4 girls and then they kept coming! Oh my God! It was like a dream come true. I was not an introvert anymore I was unstoppable I could talk and talk and talk the whole day. Very recently, I was to stay at my friend’s place in Bangalore and he asked me, “What are your plans? What do we do all day?” To which I said, “Don’t worry I can spend the whole day at home just talking! We don’t have to really plan.” and I can actually do that. All I need is a friend who can equally bore me as much as I bore him or her and I can do it all day. But that is the significance of friendship. Just a cup of coffee and lot of things to talk or sometimes just lot of things to talk or sometimes just a cup of coffee anything would work out with them. No place to sleep, go to their place and they will always have a corner for you. Fought with your love call them anytime they will trash you for calling in so late but still they will listen to you crying. Need to go shopping call a friend and she will be there with you going round and round the shop for you to select one best dress for your special day. You can lend from them, ask anything from them and it is granted. I have umpteen numbers of such friends and honestly, I never ever dreamt of having such a huge load of friends who can back me up at anytime, anywhere. They can be such pain in you arse but you cannot do anything without them. They come in all kinds!

There are friends with whom I can share my deepest secrets with whom I can rely on when I wanted to cry or need a solution. One who can console you by just listening, one who can say you are upset by looking at your face, one who will never judge you for the decisions you have made but silently hold your hand and say, ‘I understand, go on!’ I found such a friend in office her name is Krithika till today she’s never judged my crazy decisions instead listens to my ranting for hours together with only a smile and says, “Things will be fine!” I can cry my guts off to her and she never complains!

And then I had 2 friends at office and through them I am part of an amazing gang now. We meet once in a while but the amount of fun we have is limitless (I have already written a blog about these guys so I won’t bore you again with the details). These are people who don’t care to listen what you go through but they know you are upset and next thing is they just want you to be happy and for that they could do anything. Your wishes and happiness matter the most to these people. They love you and they just do without expecting anything in return.

And this time when I went to Bangalore I found 2 cute friends and they are so amazing that they made me miss Bangalore longer than I usually do. Kerry and Kudus they are my super good friends now and I can’t wait to see them again. And then I have Pooja and Animesh whom I met through Indiblogger and they are wonderful! And thank God! They keep coming every single day through some means through someone and my circle keeps widening everyday! Till today I have never picked my friends they just come, we get the sync and there we go we are inseparable after that. We don’t try to impress each other we are just us and we love each other so much! When I look back I don’t see the bad days I only see the wonderful days I got these guys! The days we spent together, the days we went crazy and the days we realized how much we rely on each other for our happiness. Friends – they pretty much make my life and without them I don’t know I still might be talking to the walls and writing on notebooks instead of blogging, I still might be smiling for every question asked to me about me or maybe I would be a boring sober girl whom my friends never prefer anytime, because these days if I am silent or sober that means I am upset or mad at someone and obviously they only like me smiling. J

I dedicate this post to friendship and all my friends. I love you guys!

Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.

19 thoughts on “And Then Came Along Them!

  1. Reading this brought back the memories of you telling me this :D.
    When I read the first line of every Para, I was like, I KNOW WHAT COMES NEXT :D.
    I wasn't wrong 😛 😛 😛 :D. Yay me xD :P.

    BTW You mentioned my NAME in your blog :O :O :O. Honored :D. Now give me a treat 😐 :P. My name is not free to use you know 😛 xD :P.
    Hehehe 😀 JK 🙂 :D.
    Love you so much Di ❤ 😀 🙂 :*


  2. lol really? I guess you will know about what I will write next if we spend a day together! 😀 lol I will give you treat when I come to Bangalore Pooo!! 😛 😀 I don't have to ask for permission to use my sisy's name.. duh! 😛
    Love you too my dear! 😀 :* hugs!


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