Being passionate about my passion

When I talk about writing blogs I have heard people saying I don’t feel like writing anything anymore. One person spoke the truth he said, “I feel like compeling myself to write something everyday which I didn’t like and so I stopped writing. Also, the passion was gone.”

Very recently I have started feeling that way, like I am forcing myself to write something everyday because I can have high rating in Indiblogger and my page views might increase and many petty normal reasons. Precisely, I was looking for popularity. But as I started doing that I realised that I have started losing interest in writing, I mean what happened to the passion then? Why should I take part in competitions or take up the challenges given by others! I have a passion for writing and I will write only for me, I will write what I feel like writing and when I feel like writing. Passion cannot be sold and once it is being sold it becomes a business and monotonous, you are given deadlines or I set deadlines to myself everyday and becomes boring like my profession where I am doing something because I am supposed to do it. This way I lost interest in writing or maybe I thought why should I write daily when I don’t even feel like writing anything!

So i promised myself that from today i will write only if I feel like writing, I will not force myself to write, I will not write things that don’t inspire me, I will only write when my heart craves to write something… that way I think I will be doing justice to my passion..

13 thoughts on “Being passionate about my passion

  1. Completely agree! Almost all of us, come here as a part of leisure, but then it becomes a duty. And when it becomes a duty, there is no passion, and when there is no passion, there are no good posts, when there are no good posts, your blog won't be popular. So, in the end you achieve all what you want, by considering this as a thing of leisure than you wanted to achieve by thinking this as a duty. πŸ™‚


  2. The choice you took is good… But when i read your blogs i don't get the feeling that this is something which deliberately written or referred… Everything so far I've read seems to give a freshness… Anyways… but please do not stop writing… I know you won't… Most of us may have the feeling of “what is next”… I had this feeling quite a while ago… but now it is getting away from me significantly… But now a days I have been getting the “what is next” in your blogs… Most of us have the capacity to think… but only some us have the gift of executing them… you are really gifted… Good luck on your further compositions… Cheers…


  3. I think everything is practise! we are a culture devoid of preserving our ideas. Writing is the fundamental art of stating your ideas through. I don't think blogs have all got to be on interesting topics. A movie you saw, an event which you want to discuss can all be blogs..If you are a glory will always worry about what's next. Just tune into nature and you will see that everything can be observed and recorded.


  4. True words Di..
    Happened to me too..
    Just 2 months ago my blog was filled with numerous posts just because of this.
    I didn't write daily, But I wrote many posts :|.
    All these days I used to write only those things which came from heart, but suddenly it changed to normal blabbering.. At that time, it felt good as I was writing so many posts, but then I realized that I was just doing it to increase posts and not really express myself. Thats kind of sad as my blog is the place where I express my feelings(as you already know).
    Anyway, I learnt my lesson πŸ˜€ :).
    I agree with every line in this post :D.


  5. thank you darling!! Yes I learnt my lesson now.. πŸ˜› we all need a chance to realize what mistake we are committing so we dont commit it again.. now that we have learnt our lessons lets be sensible.. πŸ˜› πŸ˜€


  6. So very true. If we get into the circle of contests and votes and what not, its a never ending thing. Will suck you right in and will then proceed to suck all the happiness, satisfaction, contentment and passion that you have when you write. Not to say that you shouldnt take part in contests. But if you do, it should be because you get that feeling about it – you probably know what I mean. It has to appeal to you. If you make yourself think too hard for the contest, then there's no fun. Same for votes. We cant obsess about it because we will go crazy. Write for yourself, if its good you will automatically win hearts but we cant make that our goal. Writing is for my own soul. But you write from your heart, so dont stop – keep doing it! And hey – didnt realize that you're on WriteupCafe too! I just submitted an entry (something that I actually loved working on!) to the 'It was never going to be an ordinary day' contest! Do read it and vote if you really genuinely like it!


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