A Moment to Thank God

Yesterday I saw the security guard of my apartment sitting at the backyard having his lunch and my stomach stirred and my heart sank for the reasons below –

1)      He was sitting in the place where there the drainage outlet of our houses joined, of course it is closed and the place is very clean but you know what lies beneath!

2)      His lunch was nothing but the remains of yesterday from all our houses.

3)      He was sitting on a cement floor under the scorching sun. I am in Chennai and needless to say it is one of the most disgustingly hot city!
Our guard is a very friendly man from Nepal, he speaks Tamil in a very funny way and his innocent smile is infectious. I try to catch up with him almost everyday to check if everything was OK and if he spoke to his wife and children. He always says, “Haan ji!” for everything I ask and he is 8 years elder to me but treats me with so much respect. Today when I saw him eating in a place like that I felt really bad, so I took a bottle of cold water and went to the place he was eating. I handed him the water and asked, ‘Bhaiya, why are you eating here? You can sit under the shade bhaiya.’ I suggested a place that is inside our block below the steps which is pretty clean and quite a decent place for a man to eat and sleep.
‘Nahi ji! It will be a disturbance to others’ he said with his blessed smile.
‘Who says so?’ I asked.
‘Few people! I used to eat there when I joined and few didn’t like it. It’s OK I can have food here too! This is our apartment too’ He said without the smile disappearing from his face and went back to eating the food. I cannot believe that we had a heartless crowd in our apartment.
‘Bhaiya, come to my house and eat food with us.’ I said immediately. After compelling him so much he denied. And these are the times I go to the angel who created me for help so I went to her and asked her to invite him. She was more than happy to share our lunch with him. He had to give in when I snatched the food from him.
This was the moment I felt so blessed to have a life I am leading now! We sulk if the food is not hot, if it is not of our choice, if the same course is repeated another day in a week but imagine he is eating the food we wasted or thought did not taste good in a place that we will even think to sit for leisure. This was another moment that reminded me to appreciate the things I had in my life!
 Thank you God for giving me a roof and fresh food everyday!

16 thoughts on “A Moment to Thank God

  1. That's the wonderful and humanly experience.In a fast pace world that's running today people are forgetting the humanity..esp we Indians..Hate to say about this,But we need to accept.Truly humbled and felt happy after reading u r post.I realized Humanity still exists..God Bless You.
    You can also read my blogs…


  2. True. Whatever your position in life, there are people better off than you to look up and feel sorry about your lot and people worse off than you to look down and feel thankful for your lot.


  3. The most amazing thing here i found was that the security guard respected your humanity… but there are people throw stones back at us if we give them flowers… this makes us frustrated and we tend to give up our humanity..I have experienced a lot…. what do you like to say on this….???


  4. So proud to even know people like you.. Yes, most of us complain for the most silly things, because we take it for granted and fail to appreciate the vey existance of it in our life. Well said, we must be eternally thankful 🙂


  5. Very true TF and I think we should learn from those who are above us so we can become like them one day and the one who do not get the luxury of living like us we feel blessed.


  6. I think we need to pick the person we should help, people cheat a lot these days they look so inncoent but in reality they are not and few are not really suffering they are just acting to get some money from strangers so you need to be careful and one should not expect flowers all the time.. 🙂 that is my opinion.


  7. OMG :O That man continued to have a smile through all this :).
    Hats off to him :).
    And I'm so proud of you Di :D. You did such a good job :).
    You always do good for others :). I really love you for that 😀 :).

    Oh! And the lesson is learnt :).
    We are really lucky to have so much right? 🙂 😀


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