This is me, this is what I speak, this is where I come from! I am not A FAKE!

I have come across few people who have a problem in accepting them for what they are! There are people who are ashamed of talking in their native language, trust me I know few people whom I’ve met saying, “I don’t find it comfortable to converse in Tamil”. I have not been to other parts of India much but I have quite a number of friends whom I know from other parts of India and they are not really ashamed of talking in their native language, they don’t feel bad about saying I am from this part of the country and I have gone through so many hurdles to get here. They don’t say, ‘Oh I am much more comfortable with English than my native language’ even to a person who wants to talk to you in your native language.

I am not a racist or I am not from the group that says you should speak every word that would possibly come out of your mouth in Tamil. But why not talk in Tamil when the other person is a tamilian too and he/she is fine conversing in native?  I am very comfortable conversing in English but when it comes to my friends and if they are all Tamilians, I wouldn’t mind conversing in my local tongue, infact I love it. It gives me that desi touch and I find the conversation more enjoyable and not decent, who says you have to maintain decency with your friends? And my friends who are from other parts of the country are eager to learn my language, when we are at a movie theater they read the posters of Tamil movie and ask for the meaning, I love it when they speak Tamil it is so funny yet cute, I mean they would feel the same when I try to talk Hindi or Punjabi(Oh! I so much want to talk Punjabi!) and when I try to understand a poem in Hindi or Punjabi or Urdu (I can read and write Hindi very well! Thanks to me I chose my second language as Hindi) they explain it to me with so much enthusiasm, wow! But one of our Tamil friends said “aaah.. I think this is the meaning, I am not sure either” Honestly I feel humiliated, my Tamil friend doesn’t know the meaning of Tamil words. I have not learnt Tamil professionally but my mom kept hitting me on my head to learn and write it, so here I am as good as a Tamil Pandit!

This is not the only thing people are ashamed off. Will you be surprised if I say that I have come across people who try to hide the place they come from, the status of their family, their marks. Few even lie about the college they studied in and the background of their family and parents! I don’t understand why you have to lie about these things this is what you are and this is where you come from, a lie cannot change it. There are certain things in life you cannot choose your parents, your birth, your death – you can choose to die but you really dying is not in your hands! You can choose to change your religion but you are what you are OK, this is a totally different topic that I don’t want to get into now.

So why is it so hard to be you? I am not rich, Like how Jimmy says in raising hope (A comedy Series) I am from a lower, lower, lower middle class family, My parents are not grads still they worked so hard to bring me up and they know about everything in this world, Yes! Everything and they can talk about everything. We are not wealthy but they passed on few precious habits to me Read as many books as you can, they taught me to be outspoken and always speak the truth. I picked writing from my mother, oh! She writes beautifully and drawing from my father. They gave me a wonderful treasured wealth – Education and that from their hard earned money and because we weren’t rich I know the value of money and where to spend it. I am a miser and I don’t mind saying that out, sometimes I am happy for not spending lavishly on things that are just a luxury! I studied in a very normal college that my parents could afford they surely were not able to give me an Engineering degree but I was able to get into a very good company with the education they gave me. I don’t lie or fake my identity. I am to be an proud Indian and I love India no matter how corrupted it is! I love it for what it is! I love to speak my mother tongue. Infact I have many reasons to be proud of it. It is one the most ancient languages in India, it has existed for over 2000 years! And has 247 alphabets. I am proud of what I am and where I come from. I am a Madrasi like how few say, I don’t get offended! Yes, I am. I am happy to live my life. I don’t want to be someone because there are few who wants to be me! So that’s happening because I am me! I might not be rich and wealthy but I can tell that I am the happiest person at the moment; because I have not faked my identity to the people I met! They know me and that’s me, they love me because I am me!

So do you fake? Time to confess to yourself, because that’s not you! Be truthful to yourself first! Listen to your conscious, You have no idea how much it hates you for you lying about yourself!


12 thoughts on “This is me, this is what I speak, this is where I come from! I am not A FAKE!

  1. Gayathri, you are absolutely amazing personality. Everytime I read your blog, it teaches something and time spent on your blog is time invested. After reading your seven random things, I was thinking that being in WASE this girl is dancer, painter, blogger and passionate about so many things, then my brain said, “What the hell you are doing, Amit. Come on get up and do something”. And thanks to you, finally today, I could get up @ 7 AM in the morning at least…still miles to go…:-)


  2. Amit, You know what! I read your comment so many times! Thank you soooo much! It's an honour, seriously I am feeling soooo up! Actually I will tell you something that I personally believe in, – When you want to do something you love, you will definitely have time for it! So there's nothing like you don't have time for something! 🙂 When you want to spend time with a person you love you will somehow squeeze in.If you need it you will do it. So time's always there you only should learn to manage it and use it properly.. 🙂 I am really happy to know that you have changed on seeing me! Thanks a ton you made my day! Comments like these lift your spirits!


  3. Here's my point of view on this because per the post I am on the other side. I work at a client location in the US where most of the folks are American and do not understand any Indian language, be it Hindi or Tamil or anything else. They are curious though, but I have always heard that talking in a foreign language when the folks around you dont understand it is considered rude. So, I have made a conscious decision not talk Tamil at work. I have colleagues who do that a lot. I believe a workplace should have certain standards or ethics – professionalism as we call it. I have tried my best to not engage in Hindi either but at times I know I have unknowingly slipped into it. I do know in my heart that I have switched from Hindi to English when I know the next Tamil guy does not understand Hindi. And then once I am used to talking to a person in one language, it just gets comfortable in that one language. I talk to my colleagues in English and their wives in Tamil and these colleagues would get irritated and show their displeasure. Tough luck. Once you are used to conversing with someone in a certain language, thats what automatically comes, not intentional. With my parents and my relatives, mostly its Tamil, but me and my sis always Hindi. Its just something that grows on you through the years. My two cents.


  4. Sumukh there are people who can be like this too..! I have seen and more unfortunate few are in my close friends circle and we tend to pick argument all the time. Our inner self always knows the truth we just dont listen to it.. 🙂 Thank you for the visit and comment!


  5. Hey Deepa 🙂 I am not talking about the professional environment it is totally different and professionalism is out of my league! It is not my word 🙂 My clients are French and my clients learnt Tamil and wish us in Tamil during all the occassions that is the type of bond they want to have with us! They want to be one among us. I have Tamil friends with whom I speak in English because we are used to talking in English from the time we met, well thats different, but why this attitude only with us.. I see Bengalis conversing in Bengali, Marathi's in Marathi, Punjabi in Punjabi but we converse in Hindi and English because we are used to it. Trust me, I have been to other states and countries when I see someone who can talk in Tamil it brings a special smile on my face, that much comfortable I am with my native language. Everybody has that feeling we conceal in the name of professionalism and other fancy terms.. 🙂 Thank you for the read, visit and comment! 🙂 Keep visiting..


  6. I see the extremes in Tamilnadu- there is one set affiliated mostly to some Dravidian political parties who are die-hard Tamil lovers; they would not accept words from any other language to be mixed with Tamil. And the other extreme is what you have described in the post- those who are ashamed of their mother tongue. I think one has to be practical- use Tamil and do not mind borrowing words from other languages as well.
    Good post on a relevant issue!


  7. Very well written. I don't see why people should be embarassed to speak about where their roots lie and the necessity to put up a mask for even simple thingS.o? if they wouldn,t accept them for the way they are, who would?
    And regarding speaking of tamil, I'm not ashamed to speak in my mother tongue, but I'm comfortable speaking in english to convey my point with the right words. I haven't learnt Tamizh in school or college, just bits and pieces learnt here and there and since most of my schooling was done in another state , I did not get many chances to converse with many people in Tamizh . But for that matter, its not that I speak Tamizh horribly, with a native speaker, I can manage.


  8. can't leave with out commenting. Just thought of reading one of your post n now its the 6/7 i am reading!! very well written. i wonder y do peple dont wnt to communicate in their native. i am a hyderabadi.. working in chennai frm 2 yrs, i would love to communicate in tamil(though m nt perfect) rather than in english. 🙂


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