There is Always Light At the End of The Tunnel.

I love the saying, ‘There is always light at the end of the tunnel’ how true it is! I always think of this when something bad or unexpected happens to me. We can always pick few good, actually wonderful things from every single person we meet in our life. They might be lousy, irritating, nerve wracking as a package but still they will possess a good habit or a good belief that will help you understand things or improve something about you. I had been working with my ex-manager for almost 4 years and there are few characters in him that I don’t like (of course! He is my “manager”) but honestly, he is one of the coolest managers I might see in my life. I have never seen him losing his temper. Whenever there is an escalation all of us panic but he says, ‘We will get through this time! It is temporary and things are going to be normal again.” I love him when he says that
This is true no matter in what toughest situation you are, how much ever difficult it is, you will get through it and life will be normal again. Hope is the one that will get you going, believe that things will get normal again, it has to. After all, life is a cycle what goes in comes around. Bear the pain with a smile, laugh at the stupid things that happen to you, face your fears, and be brave. Life will smile at you. You will be happy again, very soon. The day is not too far. The pain is not for long!
Because, you know that “There is always light at the end of the tunnel” and that light is going to take you to a brand new life that is full of happiness, joy and love!
Stay Optimistic, Stay happy! And remember you are the only one who is responsible for your happiness nobody else gets to decide how happy you can be today!
So say with me… Cheers!!!

22 thoughts on “There is Always Light At the End of The Tunnel.

  1. very nice! Yes, we got to keep going in life… coz Life is supposed to be dat way… for all ! 😀

    Your newest follower and regular visitor now ! 😀


  2. @Ankit – Welcome aboard my 50th follower!! 🙂 A post has already been written and dedicated to you please do read it.. and let me know if you liked it! 🙂


  3. gud post u noob…atleast u are not wasting all your time 😛 but seriously….. just for publicity ppl are ready to fall in love with the manager they used to hate 😛 😛 lmao


  4. @Kerry – I didn't say I love my manager but I do like few qualities in him.. Who has ever liked their manager!!:/ 😛 But yea he is cool.. I should give that to him!! After all, I always speak ONLYthe truth… 😛


  5. roflmao now ur grammer is also dead
    “only ppl who are talk only ironical things”

    n fyi read ma comment again: im lolling@u and pitying@u at the same time…ironic isnt it 😛


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