The Life of A Software Engineer!

The job of my dreams,
Made me scream,
It is not a bed of roses.
Deceived by my chimera,
I surrendered my life to the demon,
It Hugged me with benevolence,
And Gifted me a bunch of curses,
Befriended by laziness,
Sunrise was something I fantasized.

Smiling at my friendly strangers,
I became a lone, lonely, loner,
Deadlines, appraisal and status calls,
Sounded like the hellhounds,
And there came the lucifer in disguise,
Management was the word of repugnance,
Told me things I never understood,
Made me do things I never believed in!

The deserved was always stooped,
The reserved became the deserved.
Bias, politics and similar words,
Strolled around, laughing at me,
Hatred was an easy emotion.
Love was nowhere to be found.

Oh! I am the software Engineer,
Who lost her dreams in her dreams,
Who lost her happiness in her career,
Who had no idea where life took her,
Aimless and reluctant I wandered down the streets,
Looking for the lost me.
Looking for my lost life!

This poem was written after TF (The Fool) challenged me to write a poem on The life of a Software Engineer. I forced myself to stop here! I hope you like it TF!


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