Pure Love!

She looked up to see the clock,
And the clock ticked 5,
Like a cute little puppy,
She ran out to the balcony.

Her eyes wandered the street,
A sober smile on her lips,
A heart full of expectations,
She kept looking for her love to return,

A smile that fainted with every passing minute,
Clenching harder to her hope,
She saw her coming on road,
Happiness and joy filled her heart,

‘Mommy’ she yelled and jumped in joy,
Through the steps and through the lane,
She ran and hugged her in glee,
‘Oh, I love you!’ said her mum to the 3 year old,
She kissed her child on both her cheeks,
“I missed you’ a tear rolled down her cheek,
Wiping her mother’s tear with her little hands,
She kissed her forehead like an angel from heaven.

All her pains and all her worries,
Vanished in a moment, in her daughter’s smile,
How pure is her smile, how pure is her love,
She took her in her arms and walked the streets,
To their home.

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