I have always heard people say, “Happiness is not going to come to me again” but have they ever realised that it is them who is staying away from it? Happiness is a state of mind, just like sadness, anxiety and other emotions. But when expectations come in and you start expecting things from someone… Read More Happiness!


When you left me, You took my soul away. Roaming around the streets, I found no way to retreat, Boundless reasons to cry, Endless moments in solace, Hope was nowhere to be found. Dying is not a brave thing, What will I do in a world without you? where will I find a person like… Read More Soulless

One love

We said things that hurt each otherI laughed at the fact that I loved youYou begged me to come backI ignored your pleas,I tried to move on,But all I saw was you,I did not find a hug as protective as yours,A smile as warm as yours,Happiness was far out of reach,Deep down my heart,said a… Read More One love