Those petty things that money can’t buy!

When I was a kid, I have always looked forward to grow old so I can be independent, have my wallet full of money, a car, a house of my own, I can party all night with my friends and not worry about money, go out with them to the most expensive restaurants and not to the roadside Chaat shop. I can buy my parents the most lavish gifts on their wedding day, celebrate it in a 5 star hotel. I used to envy those who worked and made money. I would say myself, ‘I will make BIG money someday’ and after that I don’t have to make handmade cards and write poems to my friends anymore, I don’t have to think before buying the ceramic doll I eyed on because it had crossed my budget. I don’t have to keep the cabinet open so my system can work better, I will throw and buy a new computer. When my love saw the Royal Enfield and sighed, I told him, ‘I will buy that for you when I earn lots of money!’ and he would smile.
As I grew and when I finally had money I did go to the expensive restaurants not with my friends but my teammates, my wallet is full of money but no one to spend on! I am away from my parents because I spend almost 13 hours at office. All I do is buy a cake on their wedding day reach home at midnight and ask them to cut the cake. Before they had eaten it I am fast asleep. And now I can afford a Royal Enfield but for whom? I have a laptop but that doesn’t satisfy me. I have a house, a car, I have everything that I dreamt as a kid but I am left with emptiness in my heart! There is no liveliness, that zeal is gone! 
I don’t need these anymore! And now I dream of a hug from my friends, a cuddle in my mother’s lap, the warmth of my dad and a kiss from my lost love, I miss his smile more than anything else in the world. I will give up everything I have to get these back.  Everything that seemed petty then from the roadside chaat shop to the handmade greeting cards seems divinely now.  I soberly pick my phone to call a friend to say how much I miss her and there was no answer. I understand she’s going through the same phase!
All through our life we run behind money and quite unfortunately we forget that we have a world for ourselves, a beautiful world that money can’t buy, a world once lost can never be regained! Never let go off your parents, friends, love and finally yourself coz they are very…. very…. expensive that even money can’t buy them! 😉 
Spend some time with your loved ones there’s nothing better you can do in life than that! Trust me.. 😉
After all, the best things in the world are free! Utilize them really well! 🙂
Have a great week ahead! Keep smiling! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Those petty things that money can’t buy!

  1. Straight from the heart 🙂
    loved it !
    so much of common things, now i want all them you stated.. BIG WALLET and i need money to spend for my people and to enjoy…
    I want to earn as much i can…
    i want to be independent financially 🙂
    till now i couldn't.. hoping to reach my dream asap…

    Loved the way you shared, it looks more of a SHARING A PIECE OF MIND than a post !


  2. @Dee – Thank you!! 🙂 These things happen and it takes long time to actually start balancing life and realize that this is how it's going to be for the rest of your life… and by the time you realize it.. you would have undergone all sorts of pain in life!! because once you finish college you get to see the real BAD world! 😉

    And I pray to God that you get everything you desire… without losing your happiness(which is more important)… 🙂


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