What a complicated life!

Last weekend I had been to Kodai with my friends, we were 8 of us and we had so much fun that we forgot about lunch until our stomach started chewing itself. We were in a remote village by then and it was highly impossible to find a proper restaurant. So we decided to stop by a hotel that was amidst the woods and was run by the village people.
We won the competition with a bus that was about to halt at the same pit stop and grabbed the little tables and benches. The ambience of the hotel resembled the local wine shops they show in the kollywood movies even the people who served food. Needless to say, we ate a feast, the food was simple yet delicious, and hunger makes the simplest form of food seem like a grand buffet. 
We enjoyed teasing each other and stealing from the plate of the one who was lost in their world. Do I have to say how it would be with friends? But later came the part which moved us and added food for thought. After having finished we had the home made chocolates for dessert and we asked the person who was serving to get the check. 
‘Sir, please tell us the items you ate.’ came the reply.
We were taken aback in surprise, to be sure of what he asked we asked him to repeat what he had just told. Yes, we heard it right, this man who is running the hotel trust his customers so much that he never keeps count of what they ate. So we asked, ‘Anna, how do you trust us? On what basis do you think we will be truthful?’ 
To which came the reply, ‘The people who eat here are tourists and the locals never come to my hotel. When I trust a stranger, will the stranger lie to me? I don’t think a person who spend thousands to visit this beautiful place will cheat on food, they are not so stupid.’
‘But anna…’
‘Listen kids, only in big cities like yours, life is extremely complicated and so you end up trusting none. That is not the case here, we trust each other and we are never cheated by anybody and if you want to cheat me go ahead’
Well said! No more questions, we calculated the amount for what we ate and left the place. 
There was so much truth and so much meaning in what the hotel anna told us. We are so complicated and hypocritical. Our minds are so corrupted that we do not trust the person who stay with us for years. We doubt, we argue, we crib but a simple man living in the woods gave a very simple message! ‘Stop complicating things, life is simple and easy!’ we brought a beautiful message from that beautiful hill station.. 🙂

3 thoughts on “What a complicated life!

  1. ooohh super post 🙂
    But i envy you for enjoying 😛 😛
    glad for that, yes few strangers trusts us a ton than few well known heads..
    Life is simple with beliefs at right place on right people 🙂
    again SUPER POST 😛


  2. @Deepak – Oh yes, you are right! Thanks a lot!

    @Kerry – I have never seen people asking me what I ate and give the check so this was a surprise to me, infact to all of us! Keep it simple, silly! I still remember my Technical communications sir appreciating me for using this phrase in my exam paper..! 😛


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