Last night I was pondering on few funny things about facebook, especially after seeing a profile who was interested in both men and women. God these people drive me nuts!
This is a social networking site that has almost shrunk the world, it not only helps us to stay in touch  with people but also helps us to know what our friends do and that includes the most silliest things like  the time she pissed in the morning to the time she went to bed. All of us, yes including me have become addicts to Facebook or facebooking I would say. This is the latest prolonging addiction of the current era. Facebooking has become one of the activities or hobbies of people. That is definitely funny! It is not an activity for god’s sake!
There are few funny things I notice about people’s profiles. I once went through the profile of a person who had sent me a friend request he had chosen men and women on the interested in column. First, I don’t know him and I am sure that’s the case with him too. He had sent a friend request because we had a mutual friend. Given the fact, that I knew nothing about him how do I presume about him after seeing his interested in column? well, I concluded that he’s bisexual. After this one instance , I came across many such people who are interested in both men and women, now I don’t understand if they really understand the concept behind this interested in! Oh come on ! Don’t tell me that you thought they were asking about your interests in being a friend of man or woman which will make you more comfortable. Out of all the options you have in the world you will not choose a friend from facebook!
Second, it is trendy and prideful to have the friend’s list as long as possible and so we accept and send requests to all the unknown people in the world. When a person has a sparse friends list they tend to send a request to the mutual friends or mutual friend’s mutual friend. Once this particular guy had only 75 friends on his list – for a person who wants to stay in touch with only his friends this is definitely a good number but he sent me a request too. I tried hard to remember if I had ever even seen him and finally clicked not now and also confirmed that I don’t know him out of facebook, actually, I don’t know him on facebook either! But this guy was so insistent! He kept sending me the request and after a point of time I was too fed up to hit the not now button so I left the request unattended. A cousin of my friend who’s just 14 years old is on facebook and she had sent me a request I have not met her once in my lifetime I don’t even know her name another sparse friend’s list, starved facebooker – If I can say that. These days everybody’s given the liberty to introduce a new word so why not me! But then she had 500 friends on her list in less than a week! Whaaatt?? You gotta be kidding me!
The funniest of all is when your peer who never bothers to even smile at you when you are at office sends you a request. I had this particular friend or should I say facebook friend, who comments on every status I post on wall and she promptly pokes me on facebook but when I see her in person she never even bothers to stop by and exchange pleasantaries. So I concluded that she’s my facebook friend and she will not respect my physical presence.
And what’s with updating every single thing you do? Today I went to the market and saw a cute kid! Oh he was sooooo cute!! Are cute kids so rare that you update on facebook like you just met an alien from Mars!?
This morning, I posted a status on my FB wall saying, “I went to the ATM to pick my salary only to find that my arrears has not been credited. Hell with Whateva, aaarrrggghhh I NEED money” I wanted to say hell with my manager but didn’t coz I have added my manager on to my friends list. Well, I was left with no choice. We have very little choices with our managers so forget it and so I had to say – hell with Whateva .
Within 5 minutes, 2 people liked it. Basically, I am frustrated about not having my money and 2 people like it. Now, I am confused on how I should interpret their likes should I take that they didn’t have an option to unlike it or convey their condolence in me not having my money or should I take that they liked the way I put it on the wall? And then they start commenting saying oh that’s bad, that’s sad, that’s really sad, Don’t worry I am here you can take my money, another friend of mine liked it! Well, the guy said he’ll give HIS money to ME so why do YOU like it? May be, she liked his generosity! I don’t know. Well, I wouldn’t blame my friends who commented on my wall and status because I  am  the one who’s making my life public and people are watching you! 🙂 So I choose to do it. Right! but why all of us choose to do it? It’s because it gains us attention and we humans love attention! I am human too if you agree with me or don’t!
When I wonder how easily we let people intrude our personal life and announce them on what’s going with our life! Facebook helps people in these situation to vent out your frustration and your friends from all over the world can console you and like your frustration (just for the records – no added sarcasm). It has definitely brought people together and also helped a lot in mending relationships too.
However it is good to be safe not to get into trouble, hi-techs come with a lot of trouble and so let’s utilize our privacy settings effectively and advice kids on not to send friend request to every soul they come across. It’s OK to have a small friend’s list, when you think practically a person cannot have 550 or 1000 real friends! 😉
happy facebooking!

14 thoughts on “FACEBOOK

  1. Facebook 'Like' button has many interpretations, which is beyond my understanding… Off late I am hating FB…And I can't understand how someone can have 500+ friends. I know someone who adds atleast 20 friends in a day…Can you believe that?


  2. 20 friends in a day.. OMG what a despo!! They have no idea how unsafe it is!! 😦 you accept all friend requests and there you go 500+ friends… and imho.. the like option is not needed at all!!


  3. @J2M – Very true! Thank you for reading my blog and commenting! Do you have a blogspot/wordpress link for your blogs?

    @Sat – aww..! Thank you so much, good to know that I made you laugh and helped you stay away from sleep! 😀


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