Here I am!

I am back, I am here
I make you jump and sing
I tickled your foot and made you laugh
You will never cry again
I made you enthusiastic
the ping pong is back again
I make you feel ecstatic
You will not feel the pain again
those simple things made you smile
They asked you, “why are you you smiling?”
to which you answered, “do you need a reason?”
you made them smile
We made them laugh
Oh! how beautiful you are
we make a perfect pair
promise me that you will never leave me again
for I don’t want to see you sober
You turned to smile at me
you asked who I am and why I am here!
Well, I am happiness
I am here, I am there, I am everywhere!
I make you smile, I make you dance
I make you laugh, I make you sing
I don’t give a reason for coming
I just come and never go
I am happiness!

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