I love you!

I got lost in a deep dark cave
I refused to take the hands that lent me help
The thoughts of my past kept haunting me
I was wandering in darkness looking for a ray of hope
Tired after a point of time
I gave up and sat there for years together
I was drowning in my own tears
I forgot to speak, I forgot emotions
I forgot to react, I forgot to love
I forgot fun, I forgot happiness
You called me, I refused to come
you pulled me, I denied to move
you stayed with me
“Why?”, I wondered
Days went by, I looked at you
you smiled and caught hold of my hand
We went out of the cave
I saw the BIG beautiful world
I spoke to you, you listened
I told you a stupid joke, you laughed
I cried, you wiped my tears
I was afraid, you held my hand
I was worried, you gave me hopes
I feared when you asked me to close my eyes
I thought you will be gone when I open them
you stood there in front of me with a gift
You were never mad at me for my stupidity
you embraced me with my imperfections
You cooked when I am still asleep
You did things only because I liked to do them
I started smiling again
I laughed at your silly jokes
I admired your philosophies
I started dancing again
I enjoyed the rain
You showed me happiness.
You gave up a lot only to see me smile
I asked, “Why?”
You pulled me closer and whispered in my ears!
“I love you, is this reason enough?”
I smiled, hugged you tight and said, “I will never let you go”
I thought love happens just once in a lifetime
I was wrong! I love you my man!

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